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As a part of the School of Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology, WIT plays an active role within the university. Targeting research-driven teaching, we offer a variety of teaching activities within our research areas. This includes the supervision of master and bachelor thesis, lectures, labs, seminars, and practical courses. WIT provides teaching for the following reasons:

Teaching as a service to the community:
As a part of the School of Computer Science, WIT has a responsibility to support the achievement of common goals. The school serves approximately 5000 students. Therefore teaching is a very important issue. It is a concern of WIT to make a contribution.

Teaching as a skill:
A goal of the WIT PhD curriculum and recognised international computer science PhD programs is to train students for careers in research and teaching. Teaching experience is considered to be a significant part of graduate education and an important professional qualification.

Teaching to present role models:
Computer science and information systems courses given by female lecturers make women visible as professionals. They serve as role models for female students and pupils.

Teaching as a means of
cooperation on research projects:

The integration of students into research projects provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and share state-of-the-art projects.
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